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Equine Road Safety Awareness Ride

September 18

Pass Wide and Slow

Equine road safety Awareness Ride to take place in Kinsbourne Green

Local resident and horse owner Karen Martinez is organising a ride and walk to raise awareness of road safety on the 18th September 2022 to urgently address the high number of road traffic incidents involving horses.  A nationwide campaign, Pass Wide and Slow was created in 2016 after the founder suffered a road traffic accident, and a petition quickly gathered support and was handed to the Transport Minister and the issue raised in parliament.

At the heart of the campaign is the need to raise awareness in local areas, and a number of rides are planned to take place across the UK to politely encourage road users to understand the need to pass wide and slow.

The British Horse Society, who are not affiliated with this campaign, estimate that nearly two horses per week are killed on roads in the UK, according to their statistics.  These numbers may come as a shock to local residents, and anyone who wishes to join the ride either with a horse, on foot or even with their dog if they are a local dog walker are welcome, and should email kvrs3@hotmail.com for further information.  The event should be a fun and friendly way to encourage other road users to understand how to safely share the road with horses.


You can follow the national campaign on Facebook.  Further information on recent updates to the highway code to help protect pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders can be found here




September 18